CNF will meet Chin people outside Chin state


CNF's workshop

After public consultations in nine townships in Chin sate, THE CNF will call a meeting of Chin people outside the state to continue its consultation. The meeting will be held at Summit Park View in Yangon on 19 October and Dr. Shwe Khar will lead the Chin National Front (CNF) in the meeting with Chin political parties, religious leaders, Chin students, and social groups.

At the meeting, the CNF will discuss its national goals beyond the current peace process with the government on affairs of federalism and democracy.


“We will collect opinions from Chin state and we’ll base the discussion when we have to talk with the union government again,” said a leader of the CNF.

CNF sources stated that they have made preparations for public consultation in Yangon, Mandalay, Kalay-Kabaw in Sagaing region, Asho Chin location and Pakohkuh, Mungywa, Gangaw – Thilyin last month, but Ministers in the president’s office had cancelled the programme, so “we waited for almost a month to get permission.”


At the same time, the CNF will organize a Chin National Conference in Hakha on 12-15 November and many representatives of Chin political parties, social groups and other organizations will present and it is estimated that there will be at least 500 participants in the conference.


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