Council Aims To Protect Ethnic Nationalities’ Interests in Chin State


Prominent Chin organizations against the military regime in Burma and abroad established a new council to protect the welfare and interests of Chin nationalities.

According to a statement from the Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC), it will oppose the dictatorship until it is dismantled and work towards building a federal democracy to provide equality and self-determination for ethnic nationalities.

Chin National Front, Committee Representing Chin Hluttaw (state parliament), Civil Disobedience Movement Supporting Team and several political parties joined the council that officially launched on April 13, according to member Ko Pa Than.

ICNCC will cooperate with other stakeholders across Burma to establish a national unity government, Ko Pa Than said. With assistance from democratic organizations abroad, he explained the council will implement an interim administration in Chin State.


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