CPP will not attend Chin National Conference



The statement of Chin Progressive Party (CPP) revealed that its party will not attend the Chin National Conference early in November 2013.

In the letter, CPP secretary (3) U Saw Mya signed on 3 October and stated that CPP has been trying to lead with local Chin political parties in order to conduct the Chin national conference, but local Chin political position is very low , so that CPP will not send any representative of its party to the Chin national conference this time.

In relation with this, Khonumthung contacted CPP second chairman U Lian Cheu and he said, “We will attend the Chin national conference welcome meeting in Yangon and will attend the conference in Hakha too. There are only three or four not want to attend at the conference, butI don’t know why, and they may have their reason.”

In fact, there are members that wanted to join Chin National Party (CNP) in CPP. They  will attend the Chin national conference in Hakha town. In the mean time there are other members who do not want to join with CNP, he added.

Chin National conference will be held on 12-15 November in Hakha town for 3 days. The committee members are from Chin National Front (5), Chin Student Union (12), 2010 Chin political parties (10) and they have been divided into Program Committee, Financial Committee, Media and Documentation Committee and Logistic Committee.

The Chin National Front (CNF) which can be named as underground group has a lead role in the Chin national conference committee, for that reason Chin Progressive Party (CPP) is unwilling to participate in the conference, a source said.

In the Chin national conference, there will be 500 participants  from Armed group (CNF), Chin Political Parties ၊ Civil Society, Community Leaders, Women, Youth, Religious leaders, Celebrities will participate as Official Delegates, Union Ministers, Chin State Chief minister and its cabinets, MPs from Chin State, Ministers of Chin Affairs Ministry will participate as Special Invitees and other will be observer


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