Transformer in Tahan market cannot be used till date



A report said that the shop owners at Tahan market wanted to use electrical transformer, for the market in Tahan block, Kalemyo Sagaing region, which cannot be used since 2 years.

The transformer (50 KV) had been purchased by Tahan shop owners for the makert, a long with meter box, 20 pillars in November 2011. These are kept beside Tahan block administrator’s office, but those have not been in use till date.

In this regard, Tahan market committee member U Tawna said, “There is a plan to connect Tahan market’s transformer with Tahan block transformer. The committee group has already informed higher authorities and now we are waiting for their reply.”

In the mean time, “We cannot get proper light during day time as electricity is not regular. It is very sad for our customers’.  We hope to use the transformer very soon,” said a shop owner at Tahan market.

On 14 August 2006, Tahan market has been burnt down and loss was more than Kyat 14456 lakhs and it has reconstructed after 5 years equipped with 728 shops and it is the biggest shop in Sagaing region.


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