Authorities in Southern Chin State Release Some Detained Following Explosion, Fighting Continues Between CDF And Tatmadaw


Authorities released three civilians on Monday in southern Chin State arrested after explosions happened in front of a government building and a Myanma Economic Bank in Paletwa town at the end of last month.

A woman whose husband wasn’t released told Khonumthung News police are keeping six people at a government building and the police station in town.

“We worry about them because they haven’t done anything wrong,” she said, concerned police will charge them.

The military council released Aik Awng Thiha, Aung Naing Tun and Aik John Nyan Lin Tun (aka Apusu).

After the bombing, Burma Army arrested 18 people, releasing 12 people soon after the incident occurred.

In Mindat, Chinland Defense Force reported killing about 50 Burma Army soldiers during fighting in the township with the same name on Sunday. Two resistance fighters died during battle at Chaung Sone village and one near Shet village.

Twenty-one sustained injuries at both villages. Forty Burma Army soldiers died at Chaung Sone and ten died near Shet. Army soldiers also suffered injuries during the weekend conflict.

CNF said the Burma Army sent in jet fighters twice to attack it, while soldiers in Kyauk Htu fired artillery. The civilian resistance group reported 21 members have been killed since the conflict started on May 13.

Khonumthung News can’t verify any of this information.

In northern Chin State, fighting displaced over 5,000 people from 8 villages near the Hakha and Matupi road in Hakha Township.

Fighting between CDF and the military in the Senthang area started on May 31, after the civilian resistance group attacked a convoy. Thousands from the town of Surkhua and nearby villages hid in the jungle after the Army indiscriminately fired artillery until June 1.

A villager affected by fighting told Khonumthung News they had to leave everything behind when the Army attacked their village.

“It shocked us to hear the sounds of machine-gun fire because we never experienced anything like this before. Some cried when hearing the heavy weapons.”

A villager from Dinlopa said soldiers broke into homes in the village. “They threw rice on the road. They destroyed our looms..killed our cows and goats.”

In Surkhua Myo, soldiers burglarized six shops, killing 60 chickens and 3 pigs, a villager told Khonumthung News.

According to a civilian who recently returned home, many are terrified to return to their villages even though the guns are quiet. “I think we are the first group to come home. We hid in the jungle about two miles from our village and returned when they (soldiers) left.”

The other villages affected by fighting are Phaizawng, Khuapi, Lungrang, Hausen, Sakta, and Loklung.


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