Civilians Fight Back in Chin State, Authorities Prevent Family From Seeing Son in Sagaing Region


Civilians shot back against soldiers who attacked them, according to a local man familiar with the incident in Mindat town.

Several soldiers were injured during an exchange of gunfire, while authorities detained three civilians during the clash that broke out around 9 pm on April 24.

Khonumthung News couldn’t confirm the status of the soldiers except that they are in the hospital.

At least two Burma Army soldiers were shot and killed by fellow soldiers during a quarrel at a government housing in the Chin State capital, Hakha, on April 23.

In Mindat, four women and three men were arrested on April 25 for putting up posters welcoming the National Unity Government. The following day, the streets were quiet.

Authorities in Sagaing Region are not allowing family members to visit Salai Pau Min Lun.

The 20-year-old was taken into custody after armed forces shot him in the leg during a peaceful demonstration against the military regime in Kalay on March 17.

Salai Pau Min Lun’s leg was amputated at a military hospital two days later.

“He was sent to (Kalay) prison on April 7 and we haven’t seen him since then or had any communication with him…I am very worried about him. The prison authority told me his health was fine but I don’t know because I haven’t seen him,” Salai Pau Min Lun’s mother told Khonumthung News.

Authorities are charging the second-year university student for violating Article 505/a of Burma’s Penal Code.


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