Explosions Kill Chinland Defence Force Members in Chin State Capital


The military arrested 61 people after a bomb exploded in Hakha on Sunday, June 6. Authorities released 28 people the same day. No one knows why 33 people are still behind bars.

Most of the detainees are youths, while those released are much older.

Three bombs killed three members of the Chinland Defence Force (CDF) in a house in Myo Thit ward in Hakha on Saturday evening. After the blasts, the military arrested 50 youths.

“Some were just walking on the street when the incident happened, while others went to inquire after hearing the explosions in the house,” a local from Hakha told Khonumthung News.

Police detained the women at Hakha Myoma Police Station. The Army kept the men at its IB-266 headquarters in the capital. Authorities didn’t release anyone until Sunday.

In southern Chin State, three military columns attacked CDF in Mindat Township at about 10 am on June 6.

One of the columns was deployed from Mindat town while the others are from west of Mindat and Magwe Region, according to CDF.

The Magwe column has attacked the Chin resistance fighters since last Thursday.

A CDF official explained the columns attacked them at the same time.

“I think there are more than 90 soldiers in the military column coming from east of Mindat. They traveled from Bawng The to Chaung Sone villages, where we fought them. We clashed with another military column that came in from west of Mindat in Shet village and near Shwe Aung Tha village.”

The CDF official said many internally displaced persons are staying in villages located north of Mindat town.

Burma Army shelled CDF in Mindat with artillery and other heavy weapons.

According to a resistance fighter, it also fired chemical gas.

CDF claims some of its members exhibited symptoms consistent with poisoning during fighting with the military in Mindat.

Khonumthung News has been unable to independently confirm this information.


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