Fatalities Rising in Northern Chin State After Pathogen Spreads To Multiple Townships


Outbreaks continue to spread in northern Chin State and Saigang Region. With multiple townships now affected, health officials announced stay-at-home orders for one of them.

In Tongzang Township, two more people died from COVID-19. Altogether, four people have died, while 33 have acquired the pathogen in the township.

A man told Khonumthung News his colleague, a 52-year-old pastor, died at 7 am on June 3 in Kyihka town. A 54-year-old woman died a couple of hours later.

After medical staff tested 98 people, they discovered over one-third are positive. In total, health authorities detected 167 cases: 83 in Tongzang town and 84 in Kyihka.

Dr. Thang Shang, head of the health department for the township, said patients with mild symptoms or who are asymptomatic are staying at a quarantine center in Tongzang town.

Currently, there are seven people at Tongzang Public Hospital hooked up to incubators. At Kyihka Public Hospital three patients are exhibiting serious symptoms.

A 50-year-old woman died from the virus in Falam town on June 2. The next day, four more cases were discovered in the township with the same name.

“People need to stay at home if they don’t need to go out. If they have an emergency and need to go out, they must wear a face mask. The hours of the municipal market should be reduced,” a resident of Falam town said.

Eight medical staff tested positive at a private hospital in Kalay town, located in Sagaing Region.
Wesley Private Hospital is not accepting any new patients after seven nurses and a doctor tested positive. On June 2, the hospital tested twenty-one staff who had contact with infected patients.

A night shift doctor who missed the testing told Khonumthung News that night staff can not go home until they are tested. “Our hospital is locked down,” the doctor explained. Of the staff with COVID, the doctor and one nurse are sick, while the other six nurses have lost their sense of smell and taste.

The Ministry of Health and Sports imposed a stay-at-home order for Kalay Township at 4 am June 3.


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