Mindat Youths Released After Chinland Defense Force Attacks Military Convoy

Authorities in southern Chin State released seven youths following several days of violence between the Burma Army and a civilian defense group in Mindat.
Seven people were arrested on April 24. At least some of them were detained for putting up posters condemning the junta in front of a statue of Gen Aung San. Fighting broke out when authorities refused to release them.
Chinland Defense Force (CDF) ambushed a Burma Army military convoy at the Htin Chaung junction carrying reinforcement troops to Mindat from Kyauk Htu.
In Mindat, gun battles broke out between the defense force and the military. The group claimed at least 20 soldiers died, and two military vehicles and a police car were destroyed.
Khonumthung News was unable to independently confirm this information at press time.
After a successful negotiation between State Administration Council (SAC) and CDF, four-woman and three males were released at around 10 pm on Tuesday, April 27.
The leader for CDF in Mindat told Khonumthung News authorities are still detaining five people and want them released.
Since a Burma Army column retreated, things are quiet again in the southern Chin State town.
On April 4, CDF opened chapters in nine townships in Chin State. A member of the group explained they aren’t an army.
“Our objective is to protect civilians from abuses during the revolutionary period. We will target people who are informers for the military junta and others harassing government servants who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement.”
According to a statement, the group doesn’t recognize SAC as a legitimate government, calling it a terrorist organization. But it will cooperate with the National Unity Government recently established by lawmakers ousted during the February 1 coup and other groups “to cut off the roots of the military dictatorship”.
As an organization, CDF will utilize a traditional Chin system of governance for administration, legislative, judicial and security matters for the state.
“We will practice collective leadership. CDF was established during this revolutionary period and will dissolve after the revolution is finished,” the leader explained.

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