Ministers Placed Under House Arrest After Release From Military Detention


The junta released five lawmakers in Chin State from a military detention facility, who were arrested after staging a coup a month ago, but kept the chief minister and others.

The ministers released on February 27, in the morning, have been placed under house arrest.

Pau Lum Ming Thang, Health and Social Affairs minister, told Khonumthung News, they aren’t allowed to make phone calls while being detained at their private residences.

He doesn’t think anything will happen to them as long as they stay in their homes.

The other lawmakers are Soe Htet, minister for Municipal, Electricity and Industry, Zo Bwi, speaker of Parliament, Tate Thang, deputy speaker, and Pwi Ah, Immigration and Human Resource Minister.

According to Chin Human Rights Organization, at least 38 people were arrested after the junta staged a coup on February 1. An additional 6 Chin were arrested in Rakhine State’s Ann Township.

Twenty-five members of the state-level Election Commission are still detained by the military.


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