New Armed Organization in Chin State Wants Federal Union


Chin communities formed a new ethnic armed organization (EAO) to fight for more independence for Chin State, according to Salai William Chin, the group’s spokesperson.

The Chin National Organization (CNO) and military wing, Chin National Defense Force (CNDF), will work towards the establishment of a federal union and self-determination for Chins, as well as peace and prosperity, according to the spokesperson.

To resolve the current political crisis, Salai William Chin said it will cooperate with other stakeholders opposed to the military regime. According to CNO/CNDF’s recent statement, these include the National Unity Government and ethnic and democratic political organizations.

He told Khonumthung News the formation of a new EAO was necessary but it remains open to merging with other organizations in the future if it helps to achieve its objectives. Communities in Falam Townships and the regions of Kalay and Kabaw region worked with Chins who moved abroad to launch CNO/CNDF on April 13.

Salai William Chin says the EAO honors the fallen heroes killed by armed forces for protesting against the regime, and will stand behind those continuing the fight against the dictatorship.

Meanwhile, in an area affecting another EAO in the state, Burma Army enacted a twenty-four curfew in five villages on Vanzang Mountain from April 21-26.

A man affected by the curfew in Thangtlaing Township told Khonumthung News they are not allowed to leave their homes and no one can enter the villages.

Residents suspect the Burma Army wants to prevent protesters and government servants who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement from fleeing to Chin National Front’s (CNF) Victoria Camp headquarters, which is not far from the villages. In March, the military told CNF to return police and government staff it assumed had taken shelter at its headquarters. The EAO said they fled to India.

Of the six villages located on the mountain, Sopum is not under curfew. Since February, Burma Army soldiers are deployed there. Villages affected by the curfew are Vanzang, Farrawn, Lungding, Tlangpi, and Tlanglo.


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