Tatmadaw Sends Fresh Troops During Fighting in Thangtlang, Outbreak in Rihkhawdar Continues


Tatmadaw sent in one hundred reinforcements during fighting with the Thangtlang branch of Chinland Defence Force (CDF) during the conflict that started on June 10 in northern Chin State.

“About 600 people from three villages hid in the jungle when they heard the sound of gunfire and artillery shells. We haven’t collected a detailed list of the IDPs (internally displaced peoples) from these locations,” a CDF member told Khonumthung News. The IDPs fled their homes in the middle of heavy rain and need shelter to stay dry, food and medicine.

With fresh Burma Army soldiers arriving in the area, clashes in the Khua Haring mountain range have increased since Thursday.

According to CDF, at least 17 Tatmadaw soldiers died, including a captain.

As fighting between the Burma Army and the civilian resistance force continues, a COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread near the border of India, where health officials detected 30 new cases on June 10.

Currently, there are 61 active cases in Rihkhawdar in Chin State’s Falam Township.

“Health workers tested symptomatic patients yesterday. I don’t understand why there are many people infected here,” a local told Khonumthung News.

Many suspect the more contagious Indian variant is causing the latest outbreak in the northwestern state. The Ministry of Health and Sports issued lockdowns for four townships in the north.

In Rihkhawdar, hospital staff are treating four cases. The remaining cases are undergoing home quarantine and receiving medicine and supplementary food.

Health workers are testing residents every day after receiving 1,000 rapid diagnostic test kits.


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