Total number of detainees hits 38 after coup in Chin State


The total number of detainees including the Chin State Chief Minister has now reached 38 after the military coup on February 1st, according to the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) 

Salai Sang Hnin Lian, head of the CHRO said: “In Chin State, the total of 38 persons are under arrest. The police have not filed any charges.We are trying to get in contact with the detainees, but we are denied any access.”

The security forces released four out of detainees on February 11th.
Most of 38 detainees are staffers from the election sub-commissions. The Tatmadaw detained 21 from State, District and Township Election sub-commission Offices, and others include the Chin State Chief Minister, members of Chin State government, the Chin State parliament speaker and the deputy speaker.

The army has detained them at the military buildings in the respective townships and two election officers from Kanpetlet Township, at Mindat Township, according to the CHRO.

Currently, the people are staging anti-coup protests in all townships of Chin State. The police have issued arrest warrants for some protestors.

Photo Crd: Chin World


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