Government will open other border trade offices


The fourth Indo-Myanmar border trade office has to be opened in Paletwa and Mariah Wa town, Chin state for transportation and goods inspection.

The state run newspaper said that the government has already opened border trade offices in Tamu, Sagaing region and Rihkhawdar, Thantlang in Chin state. Now for the fourth time, two offices will be opened in Paletwa, southern Chin state.

A border trade office in Mariah Wa village, 122 miles from Paletwa town, is being constructed and is to be inaugurated by One Stop Service (OSS) that includes the Directorate of Trade and Commerce Department, Transportation Department, Taxation Department, Myanmar Foreign Trading Bank, Myanmar Investment and Trading Bank. Read more…

Paletwa town policemen explain water-way system


The traffic and water-way system of Paletwa – Kyauktaw, has been explained to boat owners, drivers and traders of ferry services, who also carry passengers, on 25 July by the commandant of Paletwa town police station of Chin state.

The commandant said that vehicular accidents happen in various places in Myanmar, so the higher authorities directed us to make people aware, but in Paletwa Township, Chin state, we are using only waterways transportation. So we have to be careful about our transportation system.

“This kind of awareness is necessary. Here we don’t have separate passenger boats. Passengers travel with heavy goods loaded on boats. This kind of problem has to be solved by our authorities,” said a traveller in Paletwa town. Read more…

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    Army Captain assaults village tract administrator

    A Burmese Army Captain, Than Zin Kyaw assaulted a village tract administrator, without any reason in Paletwa, while villagers were celebrating Khumi’s ‘Ywa Khin’, for benefiting villagers in business and health. The incident happened on July 20 in Kuan Chaung tract group, Paletwa in Chin state. While the villagers were observing the celebration of ‘Ywa Khin’, Captain Than Zin Kyaw and his military personnel entered...

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    Chin companies fail to construct ministers’ houses

    The selection board committee of Chin state ministers housing construction rejected all Chin construction companies after opening tenders on 5 June. The construction tenders had been submitted by 13 companies to construct 15 houses of Chin state ministers. Of these, Chin companies – Mercy Par, Rung and Alpha & Omega were rejected and Power Seven, Aroma Rose, Shwe Tapyayi and Champion companies were selected.   “Chin companies...

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    Chinlung Chhuak Zofa festival in Hakha

    A meeting organized by the Mizo Student Union (MSU) at I & PR hall has decided to hold the Chinlung Chhuak Zofa festival in Hakha. The meeting was held in Aizawl city, Mizoram northeast state of India on 29 March.   MSU president,  Zodinpuia said that Chin-Kuki-Mizo (Lushai) tribes were separated during British colonial rule and now they live in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar, but...

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    CNF to honour Pu Vomtu Maung on national day

    Pu Vomtu Maung, a former Chin affairs minister was honored by the Chin National Front (CNF) on the 66th Chin National Day celebrations which is being celebrated on a national level and is organized by CNF and the Chin state government in Mindat Town of Chin state, Myanmar. Pu Vomtu Maung, the first Chin party member and Chin Unity Party leader and the creation of...

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    Two killed in motor mishap between Rizua and Lailenpi

    Two passengers were killed in a Jeep accident between Rizua sub-township and Lailenpi villages of Matupi Township, Chin state, Myanmar on 6 February 2014. The dead were identified as Pu Khai Lau, the owner of the Jeep and the driver, who  died on the spot. The Jeep owner from Cangbawng block of Matupi was loading construction instruments of Capaw village primary school which was contracted...

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    Chin state government holds meeting to prevent human trafficking

    Worried over human trafficking, the Chin state government held a meeting on ways to prevent and protect people from trafficking in Myanmar in the Hakha Town Hall on 12 September.

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