Chin police destroy 566.81 acres of poppy cultivation in Tawnzang



Poppy fields in Tawnzang Township, northern Chin state, measuring about 566.81 acres were destroyed by Chin state police between the first week of December 2014 to 7 January 2015.


The police teams deployed were led by Maung Maung Myint, second commander in Hakha district, Hla Than, second commander in Falam district and Ni Phew, state police commander, said The Chinland Post newspaper.

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Man kills five persons in Mizoram

man kill 5


A man killed five people at 8 pm on 9 January in Republic block of Aizawl city, Mizoram northeast state of India.

Laltlanchhuaha (37) killed his neighbours Pu Sangliansiama (57) and his four-member family, who had rented a house on Springfield Higher Secondary school building, with a long knife.

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    Chin Women’s Organization set up in Mindat town

    A Chin Women’s Organization (CWO) was established on 27 September 2014 at western block in Mindat town with 30 members.   The main objectives of the organization are to have self-determination, to promote women’s rights and to empower women on discrimination. They have selected nine members for their Central Working Committee.   “We made future plans at the meeting including funding for the organization and...

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    Matu vernacular text books introduced in government schools

    In Matupi town and some villages of southern Chin state, Matu vernacular text books have been distributed in some government schools this month.   Matupi Times said that the members of Matu Literature Teaching Group had distributed Matu vernacular school text books to Matupi high school (1) and (2).   “Now the book has been sent to schools, but only one text book could be...

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    Mizoram government to purchase rice from Myanmar

    Mizoram, a northeast state of India, will buy rice from Myanmar during the extension of the railway between Lumding and Badalpur.   Mizoram used to transport rice and other commodities by train mainly from central India, but the railway transportation route between Lumding and Badalpur is to be constructed between 1 October 2014 to March 2015, so the state will face problems in rice procurement...

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    Old currency notes cannot be used in New Rihkhawdar border

    Villagers and traders are facing problems regarding use of old currency notes on the Indo-Myanmar border trade road (2), new Rihkhawdar (Tiau) town, Chin state.   “As the town is located on the border trade road, currency flows very fast here.  The old currency cannot be used in the market, so people are facing difficulty in buying and selling,” said Pu Bawisum to Khonumthung.  ...

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    Teachers hired, students to be charged Ks. 400 in Rihkhawdar

    The government middle school (2) in Rihkhawdar new town, Falam Township, Chin state has hired two teachers at Ks. 400 per student because of other inefficient teachers. The arrangement begins this academic session 2014-2015. “The school committee has decided to hire two teachers paying Kyat one lakh per month from this year because of inefficient teachers in this school. And then we will collect Ks....

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    Dengue spreads among students in Kalaymyo

    Many students in Kalaymyo, Sagaing region are suffering from Dengue. Most have taken leave from their schools. Although there are no deaths yet from Dengue about 30 students are suffering from the disease in Kalaymyo. There is no action from the government yet. Dengue is witnessed in this season every year, said a local. There are many patients in Kalaymyo Civil Hospital and some patients...

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