CNF deny having demanded 800 acres of land in Tidim


In a letter to the township administrator on July 17, locals in Tidim town have urged cancellation of the demand for 800 acres of land in Tidim township by the Chin National Front (CNF), the Zomi Daily newspaper reported.

The Zomi Youth Association (ZYA) also sent a letter to the Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Chin National Front has denied the accusation that it demanded 800 acres of land in Tidim township. Read more…

Nippon Foundation to give Ks. 1,800 lakh to Chin state


The Nippon Foundation in Japan will sanction Ks. 1,800 lakh for remote areas in Chin state through the Chin National Front (CNF), during the period of the peace process with the central government.

The Foundation will purchase rice bags at local market prices then distribute it in nine townships in Chin state. The amount of rice distribution in each township has been arranged by CNF and the Chin state government.

The breakup of the funds are as follows: Kyat 200 lakh for Falam township, Kyat 300 lakh for Paletwa township.

Kyat 250 lakh for Matupi township, Kyat 300 lakh for Thantlang township, Kyat 200 lakh for Hakha township, Kyat 75 lakh for Kanpalet township (Ks. 150 lakh had already been given earlier), Kyat 75 lakh for Tonzang township ( Ks. 150 lakh had already been given earlier), and Kyat 200 lakh for Tidim township. Read more…

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    Old currency notes cannot be used in New Rihkhawdar border

    Villagers and traders are facing problems regarding use of old currency notes on the Indo-Myanmar border trade road (2), new Rihkhawdar (Tiau) town, Chin state.   “As the town is located on the border trade road, currency flows very fast here.  The old currency cannot be used in the market, so people are facing difficulty in buying and selling,” said Pu Bawisum to Khonumthung.  ...

    August 14th, 2014 | Read more
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    Teachers hired, students to be charged Ks. 400 in Rihkhawdar

    The government middle school (2) in Rihkhawdar new town, Falam Township, Chin state has hired two teachers at Ks. 400 per student because of other inefficient teachers. The arrangement begins this academic session 2014-2015. “The school committee has decided to hire two teachers paying Kyat one lakh per month from this year because of inefficient teachers in this school. And then we will collect Ks....

    August 8th, 2014 | Read more
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    Dengue spreads among students in Kalaymyo

    Many students in Kalaymyo, Sagaing region are suffering from Dengue. Most have taken leave from their schools. Although there are no deaths yet from Dengue about 30 students are suffering from the disease in Kalaymyo. There is no action from the government yet. Dengue is witnessed in this season every year, said a local. There are many patients in Kalaymyo Civil Hospital and some patients...

    August 5th, 2014 | Read more
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    Two drunks kill friend in Falam Township

    Two drunks beat their friend to death in Ngailan village in Falam township at 2 pm on August 4. CungBik of New Hnahthial village and Cung Buai of Old Hnahthial village in the Indo-Myanmar border area beat Billuai on the head and he died on the spot. They had an argument with each other, Salai Sui Ni Lian, a local, told Khonumthung. “The three of...

    August 5th, 2014 | Read more
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    Army Captain assaults village tract administrator

    A Burmese Army Captain, Than Zin Kyaw assaulted a village tract administrator, without any reason in Paletwa, while villagers were celebrating Khumi’s ‘Ywa Khin’, for benefiting villagers in business and health. The incident happened on July 20 in Kuan Chaung tract group, Paletwa in Chin state. While the villagers were observing the celebration of ‘Ywa Khin’, Captain Than Zin Kyaw and his military personnel entered...

    July 29th, 2014 | Read more
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    Chin companies fail to construct ministers’ houses

    The selection board committee of Chin state ministers housing construction rejected all Chin construction companies after opening tenders on 5 June. The construction tenders had been submitted by 13 companies to construct 15 houses of Chin state ministers. Of these, Chin companies – Mercy Par, Rung and Alpha & Omega were rejected and Power Seven, Aroma Rose, Shwe Tapyayi and Champion companies were selected.   “Chin companies...

    July 15th, 2014 | Read more